ADB and Fastboot for Windows [Download and Installation Guide]

This page guides you to download and install ADB and Fastboot tools for Windows. There are three different methods available to install adb and fastboot on windows. They are 15 Seconds ADB Installer, Minimal ADB and Fastboot, SDK Platform Tools.

What is ADB?

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a handy command-line tool that grants you to interact with an Android device. The ADB command supports a variety of device actions, such as installing and debugging apps, and it provides access to a Unix shell that you can use to run a variety of commands on a device.

What is Fastboot?

Fastboot tools help to manipulate and flash the partitions of the Android developer phone. It can also boot the phone using a kernel image or root filesystem image which resides on the host machine rather than in the phone flash.

The fastboot program works in conjunction with the firmware on the phone to read and write the flash partitions. You must install USB drivers on your PC to command Fastboot Mode.

Let us see how to download and install adb and fastboot in windows,

ADB and Fastboot for Windows
ADB and Fastboot for Windows

ADB and Fastboot tools help you to customize your device. By installing ADB and Fastboot tools, You Can- Install apps on your device, debug apps, Unlock Bootloader, Install custom recovery projects like TWRP, Orange Fox, Root your device with Magisk, Install Custom ROM on your device.

1) 15 Seconds ADB Installer

The ’15 Seconds ADB’ installs ADB, Fastboot, and USB drivers in 15 seconds.

How to download and install 15 seconds adb installer?

15 Seconds ADB installer

This guide will help you to download and install the 15 Second ADB Installer in which, you can download and install ADB and fastboot in just a span of 15 seconds.

Total Time: 4 minutes

1. Download the 15 Seconds ADB Installer.

15 seconds ADB installer download guide image

Download the 15 second ADB installer from this Download Link.

2. Run the downloaded file adb-install.exe

15 second adb installer installation step-1

Just double-click on it to start the Installation Process.

3. Allow Permissions.


It asks for ‘Yes/No’ permissions. Type ‘Y’, so that it installs ADB and Fastboot tool.

4. Now again, allow permissions.

15 second adb installer. installation step-3

Once again, type ‘Y’ to install the device drivers.

5. Done…!


In a while, the ADB, Fastboot, USB driver gets installed. And it automatically closes the installation window after the driver installation.
You have successfully installed ADB and Fastboot on your Windows PC by 15 seconds ADB and Fastboot.
Credits: XDA member @Snoop05.


  • This 15 second ADB is compatible with all versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, and also with upcoming Windows 11.


  • This 15 Seconds ADB installer doesn’t need any third-party tool to install. This can be easily installable with a Windows installer.

Materials: No additional material is required to install this 15 Second ADB installer. The download link is given above click on the download button and download the 15 seconds ADB Installer.

2) Minimal ADB and Fastboot

Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool allow you to install the latest version of ADB and Fastboot files on the computer without installing the entire Android SDK package.

Installation Guide

1) Download the Minimal ADB and Fastboot file. Start installation it in the usual way.

2) Allow the permissions if it asks for any.

3) Click on the Next button to continue the setup.

Minimal adb and fastboot installation step 1
Minimal adb and fastboot installation step 1

4) Click Next

Minimal adb and fastboot installation step 4
Minimal adb and fastboot installation step 4

5) Again, Click on Next

Minimal adb and fastboot installation step 5
Minimal adb and fastboot installation step 5

6) Click on the Install button to install

Minimal adb and fastboot installation step 5
Minimal adb and fastboot installation step 5

7) Click Next

Minimal adb and fastboot installation step 6
Minimal adb and fastboot installation step 6

8) Tick ‘Launch Minimal ADB and Fastboot‘.
Click on a Finish button to end the installation process.

Launch Minimal adb and fastboot step 7
Launch Minimal adb and fastboot step 7

8) Hmm… ‘Minimal ADB and Fastboot’ is installed.

Check Minimal ADB and Fastboot Installation, step 8

3) SDK Platform tools


  1. i came back to miui from evolution x rom and sensors are not working now. I did reset and flashed rom several times, even though the sensors are not working. Is this the hardware problem? are my phone sensors dead?. Please reply sir

          1. Virinchi, I think that is a software problem. Don’t worry, Even I had the same issue while testing a ROM.
            Install Orange Fox Recovery 1st.

            1. Extract Persist.img from your Downloaded miui
              ROM and save it on your device.
            2. Reboot your device to Recovery Mode(orange fox recovery)
            3. Select Persist.img and flash/install it in Persist_image
            4. Reboot to system.

            Nothing will go wrong and I am not responsible if anything goes wrong. And Don’t worry, I have used that Violet for 2 years. I will help you in all software issues.

          2. Tq sir, Thanks a lot. I thought that was a hardware problem. All sensors are working now………. tqsm

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